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3 Ways to Keep Your House Ghost-Free

download (99)When it comes to moving, it's understandable to feel a bit spooked. New homes can make people uncomfortable for a number of reasons; sure, it's exciting to get a new start-but it's also overwhelming. Being in an unfamiliar place can make you feel anxious; everything is in boxes, nothing is where it should be, and the hallway light won't stop flickering no matter how many times you change the bulb. Fortunately, these three easy tips will help you keep your house free from ghosts and bad energy. Don't believe in all that stuff? Well, why not do something to ease the post-move jitters anyway? It can't hurt!

1. Death Disclosure

Some folks aren't bothered by the fact that someone may have died in their new house. In fact, if you're purchasing a historic home, it may be almost unavoidable. For the more sensitive souls among us, though, this can be a deal breaker. Laws about death disclosure vary state by state-for example, in California a seller must tell you of any death that has taken place in the house in the past three


Modern Home Design for the Masses

images (85)The term "tract housing" evokes, for many, the image of suburban sprawl and conformity. Many tract subdivisions are uninspired and banal, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that give little thought to aesthetics. Sprinkled throughout California, however, there are a number of housing developments that cut against this preconception. The residential communities constructed by Joseph Eichler in the 1950s and 1960s brought modern home design to the masses and introduced an appreciation for architectural innovation to tract housing.

Joseph Eichler had little exposure to real estate or home design in his early life. He was not an architect or a builder; he was, first and foremost, a businessman, and that enabled him to recognize an opportunity. He received a business degree from NYU and worked briefly on Wall Street before helping to manage his father-in-law's poultry business. In 1940, Joseph moved out to San Francisco to assist in the West Coast expansion of the family business. Soon after World War II, a family scandal (the details of which are now, unfortunately, lost to history) forced Joseph Eichler down a different career path. He began developing prefabricated


Localities in Pune That Will Charm You

images (84)In the last few years, Pune city has been witnessing defence, engineering and many other sectors making it their headquarters. Even though there has been a good progress in the development of real estate in Pune, the city has still been able to retain 40 per cent lush greenery for the right balance. Known to be at its nature's best, Pune has come a long way, and with increasing population, this city has emerged as a real estate hub for many home buyers and investors.

In the recent time, it has been a favourite with home buyers as it promises assured returns on property. Let's look at some of the localities that are showing their potential for investment in properties in Pune.


Wagholi is located in the Eastern part of the city and has transformed as an important hub due to its good connectivity to industrial hubs like, Hadaspar and Kharadi. Apart from that, it is in close proximity to Pune Airport and IT hubs like Magarpatta and Shikrapur - Chakan Industrial belt.Buyingflats in Punein thislocation will reap good returns in future.


Pune Is An Ideal City For Owning Your Luxury Home

download (98)Reasons behind Pune's transformation into a luxury real estate delight

Pune referred as the "Oxford of the East", is one of the top cities in the country to live in. It is also called the Cultural Capital of India as it is home to people of different values, who bring in a lot of cultural diversity. Pune is located in the western end of the Deccan plateau, hence called the "Deccan Queen". It is also known for its beautiful weather, which ranges between 15-35 degrees throughout the year. Pune is also one of the fastest growing cities in India, not only in terms of development, but also as a tourist destination and educational hub.

Pune is no longer just a Pensioner's Paradise; three factors defining the city's increased demand in the real estate segment in recent times are - The growth of Information Technology, the massive spread of organized retail in the city's ever changing demographics and the rapid growth of its industrial sector. In the recent years, Pune has observed defence, manufacturing and many other crucial sectors making it their headquarters, transforming


There Is a Rise in the Price of the Housing Residences and Villas

download (96)It is a well-known fact that Istanbul is brimming with exhilarating residential opportunities, even though apartment complexes are the leading housing market, there are a number of villas for sale in Istanbul that are high in quality and have a variety of price ranges. There are many villas present in the outskirts of Istanbul and in the Istanbul Centre that are either in a quiet residential are or right dab in the middle of a busy area.

Unlike apartments and resort home estates, villas are very different. They have a unique and very different building style, it is homogenous and commonly on a large area. They, quality-wise, made of the best materials. They usually have three to four bedrooms and many other commodities. The villas for sale in Istanbul Centre are mostly renovated Ottoman style, their price range start from Euro 800,000 while those present in the outer suburbs start around Euro 300,000. Princess Island offers the best of both lives-country and city life. The price range for the villas for sale on the beachside start near Euro 600,000.

There is a rise


Real Estate Agent Couldn’t Sell Your Home? Call In The Cavalry

download (97)Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal

If you're like most homeowners needing or wanting to sell their house, you may have already experienced the effects of an un-qualified Real Estate agent. Like a good tattoo artist, not all agents are created equal, and should be vetted before signing over %6+ of your equity. Not doing your homework could lead to a bad tattoo, (I heart mom, anyone?) or to a home-on-market for a year without selling.

A good agent is like a good wholesaler...

If the real estate agent does not ask you for the reason you are selling your house, your red flags should start going up. You see, it's hard to come up with a good strategy to sell your home quickly not knowing all the details. For instance, the agent might not know that you need to sell your house fast. Maybe you're going into foreclosure due to a job loss, or perhaps you are going through a divorce? Most agents just want the listing. These listing collectors are not doing the home owner any favors by not digging


All About Duplex Houses

images (83)Duplex houses are one of the best houses that you can have. They come with many benefits which include:

Renting: if you don't have a large family, you can rent the top or bottom house and be collecting rent. In short, you will be living and renting the same property.

High resell value: compared to traditional houses that tend to have granny flats added onto them, duplex houses have a higher re-sell value; therefore, if you are moving to a new area you will sell the house at a high price.

Great designs: if you are planning of constructing the house, there are many designs available for you. For example, you can have a design where the house looks like one large house on the outside, but in reality there are two.

If you are planning of renting one of the houses and you don't want to be meeting the tenant every now and then, you should ask your architect to design the house in such a way that the top and bottom houses have different amenities such as parking spaces, main doors and laundry

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The Dark Horse of Real Estate Market

images (82)The developers are constructing numerous projects in the city as the roads are being widened from NH24 that goes towards Ghaziabad. Numerous launches took place in the city and the numbers are increasing day after day, as per the reports.

The city definitely offers numerous property categories when it comes to buying property. There are a plethora of options for the buyers to select from. There are plots, apartments, multi-level buildings and much more for the buyers. There were many new launches of apartments followed by plots in the city which provided world-class amenities for the residents.

Property in Ghaziabad is said to have maximum launches in the affordable category. These constructions took place keeping in mind the middle-class segment which can buy affordable homes with basic amenities and world-class infrastructure. Almost, 66% of the properties are under the affordable segment in the city which is followed by the middle-segment and then the luxury segment.

In comparison to all of NCR, Ghaziabad saw the maximum of new supplies with plush amenities. There were numerous launches for plots and it always score well over other

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City Surrounded by More Than 6 Different Seas

download (94)The title of the following article may seem quite questionable at first sight but when Istanbul is subject to it, this is something absolutely true and reasonable. One of the epic moments of conquering a city is the time when Fatih the conqueror decided to reach the other side of Istanbul by moving his navy on the ground and executed this plan smoothly. When you also take the golden horn into account along with the Marmara Sea and its surroundings the number will easily reach to six.

Today, people prefer to live in the places which provide the opportunity of enjoying great sea views at the comfort of their balcony decorated with good taste. If we look at the projects which are carried out in Istanbul, all the projects have a common point in many aspects this is beyond argument but some of those step forward with their breath taking Bosporus view. The residences should have a great view which also can be called as sea view properties in Istanbul. This is because mainly lots of people do not prefer if a


External Property Improvements Adding Value To Your Home?

download (95)When choosing improvements to your property, be careful just how far you go. Believe it or not, it's possible to "improve the value of your home too much". Real estate insiders advise that before making any major visible improvements to increase your home's value, take a look around your neighborhood. Is the project you're planning in step with the rest of your neighbor's standards?

For example, adding lavish wrought iron gates to your driveway can increase the value of an upscale home, but in a neighborhood where they look out of place, this may not be the case. Prospective homebuyers may not be able to afford the extra cost you're asking in order to recoup the money you spent on the project, so keep this in mind with any investment in the outer appearance of your home. However in some cases you could anticipate not only adding value to your home, but also making is more appealing to prospective buyers with an investment in metal gates, or wooden gates, depending what designs best suit your property.

In an area when security is a

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3 Simple Pleasures Of Moving Into A Brand-New Apartment Home

images (81)There's nothing more exciting than leaving a dingy dorm-room and moving into a sunny, airy, brand-new apartment home.The Millennials' penchant for high-end apartment living has seen a number of new multi-family building projects emerge. All their high-end amenities and innovative floor-plans, their proximity to the city's downtown and the young crowd that occupy them, all make these recently built homes really attractive for young executives and newly weds, who have just embarked upon a new journey of their lives. What is more? Living in an apartment home, that no one else ever occupied is a complete bliss. Here are the reasons:

It's Squeaky Clean

How would you feel if you got a chance to step on an island that no one knew even existed? Well, you get a similar kind of feeling when you move into a brand-new apartment, only on a smaller scale. There will be no spots on the walls that you don't know about, your kid would be the first one to use the blank walls as her canvas, and you will be the first one to ever bake


The Lake Havasu Real Estate Market Has Strange Ups And Downs

images (80)Lake Havasu City, AZ is one of the more unique retirement and vacation locations in the United States. The city has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in the early sixties, but although there has been a progression and regression in housing in Lake Havasu that has loosely followed the national market, there have also been several anomalies that have improved real estate values in Lake Havasu, and they might surprise you.

Robert Paxton McCulloch was an entrepreneur and real estate developer who founded Lake Havasu City in 1963. He had made a large amount of money in the chainsaw business under a brand that bore his name, and had diversified this business into several others, one of which was the development of land and communities. When McCulloch founded it, he realized that the remote location would provide several challenges to attracting tourists, as there was really not much reason to visit except to relax on the Colorado River and enjoy the obvious water sports and boating that accompany a close proximity to lakes and rivers. McCulloch purchased the London Bridge and


Custom Home or Production Home – Which Is the Better Deal?

images (79)When planning a new home many find themselves faced with the decision of choosing custom homes or what is referred to as a production home. The main difference is that custom homes come from small builders and architects, and production homes come from a high-volume home builder. Which is the best for the buyers depends on a few things.

While both variations are great options, the choice will depend on the amount of advice the buyers would like to make. Either way they'll have a relationship with the builder. Here is the basic difference between the two choices - A production builder will erect multiple homes using preset plans and some customizations like appliances, countertops, flooring and cabinetry. A custom homes builder creates a completely different home that presents buyers with a huge range of design options for the lot that they get. Read on to learn a bit more about each.

Production Builders

For those that feel production builders will be their best bet, they'll have to choose between a local or a national company. Local builders have set communities in a city,


Village Walk in Sarasota, Florida

download (93)As part of the larger development of Palmer Ranch, Village Walk is an open community that is great for families of any age. Available properties include villas, townhouses and stand-alone homes spread across over 500 acres. The residences are great for busy professionals, retirees, empty nesters and snow birds since much of the landscaping and maintenance needs are addressed by the local association. The premises are also kept secure 24 hours a day by gates and security staff.

The homes in the community range from 1,500 square foot villas to houses with over 2500 square feet of floor space. Interested buyers can browse a selection of floor plans to find a layout and size that is perfect for their family. The townhouses come with an attached garage that can house up to two vehicles. Some units also have private pools and fabulous lake and preserve views.

Life in Village Walk on Palmer Ranch radiates with small town charm yet with newer properties. The entire community has pleasant walking trails to get your morning exercise on. A full-service town center provides its residents with


10 Tips Buyers Should Consider Before Buying a Farmhouse

download (92)For most people, specially those of us living in the cities, it is a dream to own a farmhouse which derives from the longing to escape our fast-paced, busy and crowded city-life. We dream of having a small place to enjoy leisurely weekends, sunbathing in winters and enjoying the cool evening breeze in summers. We seek solace, peace and quality time with ourselves and/or our loved ones and farmhouses match the requirement perfectly.

Points to remember before buying a farmhouse:

    1. Don't believe every word you hear! Remember, every piece of advice cannot be right. Your uncle, a family friend or your brother's friend maybe your well-wishers, but mostly advices are either personal opinions or rumors.


    1. Find a good real estate agent and if possible also consult a local lawyer, one who understands the local property laws thoroughly.


    1. Take time to sniff out issues related to the property. Don't be in a haste while investing in property. Do your research and visit several locations before finalizing on anything.


    1. Decide a budget that you want to spend and also decide the upper limit that you are willing to
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West Vancouver Real Estate Boom

images (78)There's no question that West Vancouver real estate is booming - average housing prices exceed $2 million for a typical, detached single-family home. But one question looms, is that "boom" really the sound of the bubble bursting? OK, fair enough - the bubble has certainly not burst quite yet, but there is definitely a lot of debate among Vancouver residents about the stability of such a high-flying real estate market.

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Singapore are all cities that have been subject to this kind of housing market, and in every case the bubble has burst. As housing prices rise at nearly exponential rates, economic growth struggles to maintain pace. Eventually, the residents of these cities were no longer able to afford the home.

Vancouver is a coastal city with limited space for growth. The downtown core is surrounded by water on all sides, and suburbs such as West Vancouver are somewhat isolated from the urban centre because of geography. Limited room for growth means that competition for real estate is fierce. Since 2002, the average detached home price has


Why Do Factory Built Homes Have Less Price

images (77)A large number of people are picking factory built homes over ordinarily stick fabricated houses for the straightforward truth that they are finding that they can get tantamount square footage and comforts at a lower cost. Taking a gander at how they are built gives us a smart thought about why this is, for the most part, genuine.

Factory Built Homes Advantages

The development methods used to build the factory built homes are much the same as a home based nearby with one noteworthy special case; they are implicit a production line in controlled conditions.

Homes worked in the controlled environment of a plant have many preferences. In the first place, the climate has no effect on the planned consummation time since all building forms happen inside, guaranteeing that the producer can adhere to their building plan without intrusion. The producer additionally does not need to stress over building supplies being harmed, either from the climate or vandalism, since all the required supplies are put away out of the components in fenced in regions that are secured every night.

Another benefit comes where production line

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A Portable Home Is Ideal For Enhancing Your Joy

download (89)More often than not people run with a covering for assurance from the sun and the downpour, yet another decision you have is a portable home. This is fundamentally a convenient tent that is sufficiently enormous to suit many people inside while they are holding up. Simply picture an extensive shelter with screen surrounding it and a zoom up entryway on every side. This is one of the ideal approaches to shield your family from bugs, the wind, and rain superior to a covering can.

Using the Best Quality Portable Home

When you use an overhang on a day that is windier than typical, then your visitors may wind up getting colder than they might want in light of the fact that there is next to no assurance. However, when you use a portable home, then you will have the capacity to give better assurance from the twist, particularly as it gets later into the night and gets colder out.

Another awesome thing about utilizing a portable home is that it will give better assurance against the downpour. With a covering you will just

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Real Estate Developer – What They Do

download (90)This is a professional who works in real estate and specializes in renovating existing developments, creating new developments, and then marketing and selling them successfully. A real estate developer will sometimes work with a partner(s) to help share the workload and share the risk. There are some who may work for a big company that conducts real estate development on a large scale. They may also use a real estate development as an investment tool in a diverse portfolio. If you decide that you want to become a real estate developer there are a number of ways it can be done. Some developers come from a background working as a real estate agent, architect, or contractor or they may even hold a degree in real estate development.

It can be very challenging working as a developer. They need to be able to assess a wide variety of future sites for development and then be able to determine whether these sites will be acceptable and workable or not. A developer needs to have the ability to look at an empty lot and be

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Are You Ready to Shake Things Up?

download (91)The drop in global oil demand and subsequent economic shakeout continue to shake up Alberta's real estate economy. With home prices down, Calgary along with the rest of the province is turning into a renter's market. Even in the luxury residential market, Calgary home rental rates are 20% below the levels of one year ago. In Calgary where dependence on the oil market is a powerful economic force, this latest downturn has left office spaces and homes vacant, and leasing agents struggling to appeal to tenants. While those at the lowest income levels may still not find affordable housing, the new economic shift has provided an opportunity for those with moderate amounts of money to spend on rent. Landlords have lowered rents and are offering extra incentives to encourage new residents to sign affordable housing leases.

In business news, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business indicates that its members' confidence is at the lowest level since March of 2009, with a Business Barometer index of 52.3. British Columbia small businesses are more optimistic, registering an increase in the index to 62.5. In