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3 Ways to Keep Your House Ghost-Free

download (99)When it comes to moving, it's understandable to feel a bit spooked. New homes can make people uncomfortable for a number of reasons; sure, it's exciting to get a new start-but it's also overwhelming. Being in an unfamiliar place can make you feel anxious; everything is in boxes, nothing is where it should be, and the hallway light won't stop flickering no matter how many times you change the bulb. Fortunately, these three easy tips will help you keep your house free from ghosts and bad energy. Don't believe in all that stuff? Well, why not do something to ease the post-move jitters anyway? It can't hurt!

1. Death Disclosure

Some folks aren't bothered by the fact that someone may have died in their new house. In fact, if you're purchasing a historic home, it may be almost unavoidable. For the more sensitive souls among us, though, this can be a deal breaker. Laws about death disclosure vary state by state-for example, in California a seller must tell you of any death that has taken place in the house in the past three years, while in South Dakota only suicides and murders must be disclosed. If you're looking to avoid the body count altogether, it might be best to look at building your own place through a company who specializes in entirely new homes.

2. Cleanse the Space

Whether you're moving into an older building or scoping out new homes, cleansing your abode will give you a sense of comfort and security. Bad energy can lurk anywhere, even if there haven't been any deaths on the property, so if you've just moved in, it's time to whip out the sage and commune with your inner hippy. There are plenty of cleansing rituals available on the Internet, but the main idea is to open all the doors and windows in your house and burn a tightly packed bundle of sage (also known as a smudge stick) while repeating a prayer or chant of protection. This will ward off any bad juju, as well as help you claim the space as your own.

3. Bless This Mess

If researching violent deaths and burning weird herbs isn't your speed, why not turn to your faith? There are plenty of prayers, mantras, and rituals to help bless and protect new homes, from religions as diverse as Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam. Most of these blessings require only simple props, such as candles, salt, or rice, and can be easily performed by yourself and your family members. Why not mark this exciting new chapter of your life with a spiritual act? Blessings can also help ease your nerves and bring a sense of peace and prosperity to the house.

Even if you don't believe in things that go bump in the night, new homes can still be unsettling. Psychologists have proven that engaging in rituals can be a healthy way to ease stress and soothe the psyche. By following the above tips, you'll transform your anxiety into excitement in no time at all!


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