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3 Ways to Keep Your House Ghost-Free

download (99)When it comes to moving, it's understandable to feel a bit spooked. New homes can make people uncomfortable for a number of reasons; sure, it's exciting to get a new start-but it's also overwhelming. Being in an unfamiliar place can make you feel anxious; everything is in boxes, nothing is where it should be, and the hallway light won't stop flickering no matter how many times you change the bulb. Fortunately, these three easy tips will help you keep your house free from ghosts and bad energy. Don't believe in all that stuff? Well, why not do something to ease the post-move jitters anyway? It can't hurt!

1. Death Disclosure

Some folks aren't bothered by the fact that someone may have died in their new house. In fact, if you're purchasing a historic home, it may be almost unavoidable. For the more sensitive souls among us, though, this can be a deal breaker. Laws about death disclosure vary state by state-for example, in California a seller must tell you of any death that has taken place in the house in the past three years, while in South Dakota only suicides and murders must be disclosed. If you're looking to avoid the body count altogether, it might be best to look at building your own place through a company who specializes in entirely new homes.

2. Cleanse the Space

Whether you're moving into an older building or scoping out new homes, cleansing your abode will give you a sense of comfort and security. Bad energy can lurk anywhere, even if there haven't been any deaths on the property, so if you've just moved in, it's time to whip out the sage and commune with your inner hippy. There are plenty of cleansing rituals available on the Internet, but the main idea is to open all the doors and windows in your house and burn a tightly packed bundle of sage (also known as a smudge stick) while repeating a prayer or chant of protection. This will ward off any bad juju, as well as help you claim the space as your own.

3. Bless This Mess

If researching violent deaths and burning weird herbs isn't your speed, why not turn to your faith? There are plenty of prayers, mantras, and rituals to help bless and protect new homes, from religions as diverse as Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam. Most of these blessings require only simple props, such as candles, salt, or rice, and can be easily performed by yourself and your family members. Why not mark this exciting new chapter of your life with a spiritual act? Blessings can also help ease your nerves and bring a sense of peace and prosperity to the house.

Even if you don't believe in things that go bump in the night, new homes can still be unsettling. Psychologists have proven that engaging in rituals can be a healthy way to ease stress and soothe the psyche. By following the above tips, you'll transform your anxiety into excitement in no time at all!



Modern Home Design for the Masses

images (85)The term "tract housing" evokes, for many, the image of suburban sprawl and conformity. Many tract subdivisions are uninspired and banal, cookie-cutter neighborhoods that give little thought to aesthetics. Sprinkled throughout California, however, there are a number of housing developments that cut against this preconception. The residential communities constructed by Joseph Eichler in the 1950s and 1960s brought modern home design to the masses and introduced an appreciation for architectural innovation to tract housing.

Joseph Eichler had little exposure to real estate or home design in his early life. He was not an architect or a builder; he was, first and foremost, a businessman, and that enabled him to recognize an opportunity. He received a business degree from NYU and worked briefly on Wall Street before helping to manage his father-in-law's poultry business. In 1940, Joseph moved out to San Francisco to assist in the West Coast expansion of the family business. Soon after World War II, a family scandal (the details of which are now, unfortunately, lost to history) forced Joseph Eichler down a different career path. He began developing prefabricated houses on individual lots in northern California. His natural business acumen, sharpened by years in the competitive wholesale food industry, put him in a good position to take advantage of the post-war demand for suburban housing in a manner unique to the progressive tastes of northern California

While in the Bay Area, the Eichler's lived in the Bazett House, a Usonian-style dwelling in Hillsborough, CA, built by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Joseph Eichler had always had an appreciation for design, refinement, and modernism, but the years he spent in the Bazett House illuminated the possibilities of modern architecture for him. Modern architecture embraced clean, simple lines and understated elements that allowed the personality of the owner to shine through. Until Joseph Eichler, these styles were reserved for custom residences and corporate buildings. Eichler teamed with Robert Anshen, an architect fresh out of the University of Pennsylvania, to develop plans for residential developments that harnessed the simplicity of modern home design. Anshen, himself greatly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, brought the artful harmony of space and structure while Eichler ensured that these were easily reproducible and cost-effective. They started small, with a 50-unit neighborhood in Sunnyvale, CA. It sold out in two weeks. By the time Eichler passed away in 1974, he had built 11,000 homes and popularized modern home design on the neighborhood scale.

Eichlers, as the style has come to be known, are single story residences made mostly of glass and wood. The homes blur the distinction between interior and exterior space, to take advantage of the temperate California weather. Eichlers are designed around open-air atria with floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the backyards that connect the inhabitant to the environment and give the inhabitant a feeling of being cradled, rather than encapsulated. Many of the neighborhoods developed by Joseph Eichler are now designated areas of historic significance, ensuring that the groundbreaking home design concepts he popularized are preserved for future generations to call home.



Localities in Pune That Will Charm You

images (84)In the last few years, Pune city has been witnessing defence, engineering and many other sectors making it their headquarters. Even though there has been a good progress in the development of real estate in Pune, the city has still been able to retain 40 per cent lush greenery for the right balance. Known to be at its nature's best, Pune has come a long way, and with increasing population, this city has emerged as a real estate hub for many home buyers and investors.

In the recent time, it has been a favourite with home buyers as it promises assured returns on property. Let's look at some of the localities that are showing their potential for investment in properties in Pune.


Wagholi is located in the Eastern part of the city and has transformed as an important hub due to its good connectivity to industrial hubs like, Hadaspar and Kharadi. Apart from that, it is in close proximity to Pune Airport and IT hubs like Magarpatta and Shikrapur - Chakan Industrial belt.Buyingflats in Punein thislocation will reap good returns in future. Wagholi offers apartments at an affordable price of Rs. 30 lakh.


Located at Pune-Solapur highway, Hadaspar is a burgeoning locality with proximity to CBD (Central Business District) and manufacturing hubs of the city, which houses multinational companies like, IBM, Accenture, TCS and many more. Most of the housing projects are ready to move and are mostly built by reputed builders. Experts say that Hadaspar is one locality which is located at the right place that is close to commercial space, yet affordable. Apart from that, there are many good schools, colleges, and healthcare.


Wakad is a rapid growing and a self-sufficient locality in evergreen Pune. It is gaining popularity because of its closeness to the IT corridor and Pune-Mumbai expressway. This locality is witnessing many mixed land development and high street kind shopping areas. Professionals generally prefer this area as it is close to IT and automobile hub. Besides, that also has close propinquity to Hinjewadi (a locality with many IT companies and Bio parks) and Industrial area of Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Kalyani Nagar

Nestled between Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar is a locality that has been in vogue in the real estate of Pune. It is also in close proximity to Mumbai - Pune highway. Even though Kalyani Nagar is bit on the expensive side, home buyers do not mind to invest in, due to the capital appreciation. Most of the housing projects found here are in the completion stage or ready for possession, that encourages many home buyers to make an investment. Even if the property is let out for rental purpose, it can easily fetch Rs. 13000 per month for a single bedroom apartment.


Baner is located on the eastern side of Dehu-Katraj Bypass on the NH - 4 in Pune. The outstanding infrastructure development and the superb connectivity to Mumbai has made Baner a realty hot spot. Its closeness to the expressway, Pune-Mumbai highway and to Hinjewadi IT Park has brought it to the limelight. The price has also been stable in Baner and this has attracted home buyers. Many housing projects in Pune are being developed around the Baner - Pashan Link Road, and that too at an affordable price.

Buying a home at the right place with all the facilities and amenities is a top priority for any home buyer. It is pertinent that right decision has to be taken for your loved ones. Each and every need of the home buyer has to be satisfied and buying your dream home in the above said localities will sure fulfil those concerns.

Housing in India, the most populated country, is a big issue. And since property market here is not that simple & transparent so, home buyers here need lot of expertise to strike a good property deal. So Aashish Palliwal decided to help home buyers by providing them complete details of upcoming housing projects to bring transparency in this sector. The website is an Informative Website for the Home Buyers of Apartment Flats in major Indian cities like, Hyderabd, Chennai, Mumbai & Pune. It help you choose the housing projects first and then the property there in. Get a complete analysis of City's best location along with the Builder verification. Keep reading to learn more about real estate in your Town.



Pune Is An Ideal City For Owning Your Luxury Home

download (98)Reasons behind Pune's transformation into a luxury real estate delight

Pune referred as the "Oxford of the East", is one of the top cities in the country to live in. It is also called the Cultural Capital of India as it is home to people of different values, who bring in a lot of cultural diversity. Pune is located in the western end of the Deccan plateau, hence called the "Deccan Queen". It is also known for its beautiful weather, which ranges between 15-35 degrees throughout the year. Pune is also one of the fastest growing cities in India, not only in terms of development, but also as a tourist destination and educational hub.

Pune is no longer just a Pensioner's Paradise; three factors defining the city's increased demand in the real estate segment in recent times are - The growth of Information Technology, the massive spread of organized retail in the city's ever changing demographics and the rapid growth of its industrial sector. In the recent years, Pune has observed defence, manufacturing and many other crucial sectors making it their headquarters, transforming it into a major business centre. Considered as one of the greenest cities of India, Pune has more than 40% of its area covered by greenery. With every passing day the face of Pune is changing and the infrastructure challenges are also increasing. Due to the increased number of upcoming projects and developments taking place in the city, Pune's population is also rising.

Another significant change noticed is the demand for homes has shifted from basic towards luxury properties. With the presence of the IT & manufacturing sectors paying large salaries in Pune, aspirations of home buyers to lead a good life have also increased. Now many Puneites are expressing their desire for open spaces, independent homes and luxury penthouses & villas rather than pocket-friendly smaller units. To cater to these demands, Pune developers are also evolving and offering you a niche product based on a strong foundation of design & innovation.

Locations just right for Luxury Homes in Pune

Luxury homes are in high demand at present and many renowned developers across the city are offering you a wide selection of exclusive luxury homes in Pune's most sought after locations like Koregaon Park, Boat Club Road, Bhosale Nagar, Magarpatta, NIBM Road, Kharadi, Wagholi, Balewadi, Bavdan and Baner. These apartments, penthouses and Villas redefine the way luxury is perceived and offer residents' a better and fuller living lifestyle. Home Automation, Plunge pools on private terraces and private spas, gyms and home theatres in your apartment are some creature comforts offered to the discerning few. Thus, many developers in Pune are moving towards the luxury segment which caters to the urban demand of the city. The city skyline is transforming from small buildings to skyscrapers which will shift Pune into the 'Developed Cities' club. Developers in Pune by their unique building designs, landscaping and amenities are attracting residents by providing them with better living opportunities.


There Is a Rise in the Price of the Housing Residences and Villas

download (96)It is a well-known fact that Istanbul is brimming with exhilarating residential opportunities, even though apartment complexes are the leading housing market, there are a number of villas for sale in Istanbul that are high in quality and have a variety of price ranges. There are many villas present in the outskirts of Istanbul and in the Istanbul Centre that are either in a quiet residential are or right dab in the middle of a busy area.

Unlike apartments and resort home estates, villas are very different. They have a unique and very different building style, it is homogenous and commonly on a large area. They, quality-wise, made of the best materials. They usually have three to four bedrooms and many other commodities. The villas for sale in Istanbul Centre are mostly renovated Ottoman style, their price range start from Euro 800,000 while those present in the outer suburbs start around Euro 300,000. Princess Island offers the best of both lives-country and city life. The price range for the villas for sale on the beachside start near Euro 600,000.

There is a rise in the price of the housing residences and villas in Istanbul because of the increase in popularity and population in this area. It is rising at an incredible rate, it was 15% in 2012 and has risen to 23% in 2016, and it will continue to grow in the forthcoming 6-8 years. Investors also have a keen interest in the rental returns, which are quite high for apartments and, especially, villas. It can earn up to 9% every year, depending upon your location, in rental income.

The villas in Istanbul at Seaview, which is located at the European part of Istanbul, are the center point of this lifestyle. They are spacious and have large outdoor park area. It is ideal for large families and has a serene atmosphere. Buyers can also set and build the interior as they like as they are left incomplete for buyers convenience. The price range is affordable starting from 350.000 USD, it has excellent investment potential.

The high price and quality villas for sale in Istanbul can be found in Zekeriyakoy. They have a fetching design that accommodates high-class standards, it also blends well with the forestry and the green countryside. This area features many investments like swimming pool, café pool bar, fitness room, security entrance, and open car parking spaces. The price range starts from 450,000 $ and goes up to million.



Real Estate Agent Couldn’t Sell Your Home? Call In The Cavalry

download (97)Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal

If you're like most homeowners needing or wanting to sell their house, you may have already experienced the effects of an un-qualified Real Estate agent. Like a good tattoo artist, not all agents are created equal, and should be vetted before signing over %6+ of your equity. Not doing your homework could lead to a bad tattoo, (I heart mom, anyone?) or to a home-on-market for a year without selling.

A good agent is like a good wholesaler...

If the real estate agent does not ask you for the reason you are selling your house, your red flags should start going up. You see, it's hard to come up with a good strategy to sell your home quickly not knowing all the details. For instance, the agent might not know that you need to sell your house fast. Maybe you're going into foreclosure due to a job loss, or perhaps you are going through a divorce? Most agents just want the listing. These listing collectors are not doing the home owner any favors by not digging into the problem and strategizing a solution to fit that sellers circumstances. Granted it's not a Real Estates agents job to sell creatively, but a good one should provide an honest idea if the home can be sold conventionally and still meet the sellers criteria for solving the "why".

Agents don't set the price, the Market does...

Many homeowners will rely on the word of the agent to analyze the home and come up with a good figure to sell it for. A good agent is invaluable in this regard. A bad agent can sabotage your home-sell over what I like to call "perceived value,". This ties back to knowing circumstances. Perhaps sitting on market waiting for that one buyer to give you the 20% above market price is something that won't affect the homeowner? If holding cost is no issue, hold on to the home until it fetches that inflated price. If you need to sell your home quickly, calculating a reasonable price is essential. If you absolutely need to sell the home at an inflated price, it's time to look at terms!

The wholesalers tool bag...

Knowing the homeowners reason for selling is the wholesaler's first tool. It's essential to listen, the devils in the detail. A good wholesaler and real estate agent will know the market and can offer a good idea of how fast the house can sell at any particular cash price. When selling your home for cash does not work with the details of the sellers situation, terms are powerful tools to sell the home quickly. A wholesalers full-time job is to network with investors, and can provide solutions based on the problem with real estate terms available in your state. Lease options, and selling the home under a wrap come to mind.

Keep in mind that a real estate agent is trained to sell a home under conventional means. It's my belief that if the agent is knowledgeable in creative real estate deal structures, it would go a long way in exploring options and getting the home sold. Wholesalers are well versed in creative financing but keep in mind that like anything else, there are good wholesalers and bad ones.

There's no excuse for not educating yourself!

I'll keep this one short. You have many ways of gathering good information with phones and computers. There really is no reason not to do your own homework, both on deal structure, and the State Law!



All About Duplex Houses

images (83)Duplex houses are one of the best houses that you can have. They come with many benefits which include:

Renting: if you don't have a large family, you can rent the top or bottom house and be collecting rent. In short, you will be living and renting the same property.

High resell value: compared to traditional houses that tend to have granny flats added onto them, duplex houses have a higher re-sell value; therefore, if you are moving to a new area you will sell the house at a high price.

Great designs: if you are planning of constructing the house, there are many designs available for you. For example, you can have a design where the house looks like one large house on the outside, but in reality there are two.

If you are planning of renting one of the houses and you don't want to be meeting the tenant every now and then, you should ask your architect to design the house in such a way that the top and bottom houses have different amenities such as parking spaces, main doors and laundry areas.

Designing the house

The most important part of any house is the design. For a great design you should have a professional architect with great experience in designing duplex houses. The design should ensure that all sections of your house are private. This means that there should be a wall that splits your home into sections.

At the same time the design should allow you to easily expand on the house if need be. To make this possible, you should ask the architect to plan the house in such a way that it's located at the corners of your plot so as to leave enough room for future developments.

Things you should note when constructing the house

While duplex houses are popular, they aren't allowed everywhere. Your architect should research and decide whether the design is allowed in your area or not. There are some areas that require you to construct specific designs of duplex houses. You should research and find out the designs allowed in the area.

Just like any other house you need to take good care of your house for it to retain its great looks. For example, you need to paint the house on a regular basis.


This is what you need to know about duplex houses. As mentioned, to get a great design you should work with an experienced architect who will not only give you plans for the house, but one who will also let you know about of the latest designs to go for.


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The Dark Horse of Real Estate Market

images (82)The developers are constructing numerous projects in the city as the roads are being widened from NH24 that goes towards Ghaziabad. Numerous launches took place in the city and the numbers are increasing day after day, as per the reports.

The city definitely offers numerous property categories when it comes to buying property. There are a plethora of options for the buyers to select from. There are plots, apartments, multi-level buildings and much more for the buyers. There were many new launches of apartments followed by plots in the city which provided world-class amenities for the residents.

Property in Ghaziabad is said to have maximum launches in the affordable category. These constructions took place keeping in mind the middle-class segment which can buy affordable homes with basic amenities and world-class infrastructure. Almost, 66% of the properties are under the affordable segment in the city which is followed by the middle-segment and then the luxury segment.

In comparison to all of NCR, Ghaziabad saw the maximum of new supplies with plush amenities. There were numerous launches for plots and it always score well over other types of property. Definitely there is a lot that investors and buyers can look at this particular city.

Not only this, one can also invest in property in Ghaziabad to get good returns. Also, there are good rental property in Ghaziabad that would definitely grab the attention of buyers and investors so that they can put their properties son rent and get good amount for the same.

There are various other factors that make the city a good option for investment in NCR. One major reason for the same is connectivity and easy accessibility of NCR from Ghaziabad. The area is strategically located and is surrounded by Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Meerut. It has direct access to Delhi, Noida and other regions in the city along with the major advantage of the highway. These definitely makes it a potential destination. Also, there are many new developments that are still under-construction which would further increase the demands of property in Ghaziabad. The coming link road will further enhance the connectivity of Ghaziabad in the future. All these developments along with the coming of many IT/ITES companies led to increasing demand of residential and commercial property in Ghaziabad with good and profitable returns in the coming years.

Definitely, Ghaziabad has grown rapidly in the past couple of years which has increased its demand not only by the developers but by investors and buyers as well.


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City Surrounded by More Than 6 Different Seas

download (94)The title of the following article may seem quite questionable at first sight but when Istanbul is subject to it, this is something absolutely true and reasonable. One of the epic moments of conquering a city is the time when Fatih the conqueror decided to reach the other side of Istanbul by moving his navy on the ground and executed this plan smoothly. When you also take the golden horn into account along with the Marmara Sea and its surroundings the number will easily reach to six.

Today, people prefer to live in the places which provide the opportunity of enjoying great sea views at the comfort of their balcony decorated with good taste. If we look at the projects which are carried out in Istanbul, all the projects have a common point in many aspects this is beyond argument but some of those step forward with their breath taking Bosporus view. The residences should have a great view which also can be called as sea view properties in Istanbul. This is because mainly lots of people do not prefer if a house does not have a beautiful scene and this is absolutely reasonable from our point of view.

As Istanbul is a developing city, we can see the residences everywhere. So there must be a difference between these residences. This difference is the location of the residence, because according to the location of the residence people make their decisions. People not only want to live in a place which has a great sea view, but also they think that it is an investment for their future. Therefore they prefer to buy the places which have great sea views. Moreover, these projects provide you the key of a luxurious life where you can live with your family in confidence and peace. So these great sea view projects such as Apartments of Beylikduzu and Residences in Zeytinburnu and Mansions of Bosphorus ensure a peaceful and enjoyable life for many people since they made their mind up to live here. Also, there are a lot of projects in order to make people live in peace, and these projects also have the opportunity of great sea view. In the near future, sea view properties in Istanbul will be the most preferable places to live and of course to invest, because of the intense demand of interest in Istanbul sea view properties it can be easily categorized with the opportunities that can be taken for granted only once and the moment to decide will not be so long.



External Property Improvements Adding Value To Your Home?

download (95)When choosing improvements to your property, be careful just how far you go. Believe it or not, it's possible to "improve the value of your home too much". Real estate insiders advise that before making any major visible improvements to increase your home's value, take a look around your neighborhood. Is the project you're planning in step with the rest of your neighbor's standards?

For example, adding lavish wrought iron gates to your driveway can increase the value of an upscale home, but in a neighborhood where they look out of place, this may not be the case. Prospective homebuyers may not be able to afford the extra cost you're asking in order to recoup the money you spent on the project, so keep this in mind with any investment in the outer appearance of your home. However in some cases you could anticipate not only adding value to your home, but also making is more appealing to prospective buyers with an investment in metal gates, or wooden gates, depending what designs best suit your property.

In an area when security is a concern due to adjacent higher crime areas or because the location is one often targeted to due higher home values (as in large city's more salubrious addresses), a two-meter iron gate topped with decorative points may be an effective first line visual deterrent against criminal activity. A gate of this nature should also be attractive and hence add to the visual appeal as well as the security of the property. Similarly, a wooden fence and gate without "see-through" panels made of stout oak provide both security, privacy and beauty.

However, erecting even a low wrought iron gate and fence in a neighborhood where all the properties have only green lawns running down to the sidewalk may not provide anything other than a bit of decoration; and that may not be to every prospective buyers taste.

Perhaps it would be best to make external home improvements where the value to you as the occupier is clear, and then consider if it adds value to your home only as a secondary level of consideration. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or a re-bricked walkway up to the front door could provide as much selling-appeal as a grand wrought iron gate and perimeter fence. There are so many options we have these days, but the best bet is to place it safe and only spend on improvements you want for yourself. But avoid "shooting yourself in the foot" with something out of keeping with the houses around you if you ever decide to sell up.


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